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Give a Gift

The Beneficial-Hodson Library welcomes gifts of various kinds, including books and other library materials, equipment, monetary donations, and endowment funds. Such gifts enable the Library to provide materials and services which would not otherwise be available to the Hood Community. The Library reserves the right to use in-kind gifts according to its needs. If you wish to donate materials to the library please read the following carefully.

We realize that many individuals desire to place their unwanted books and journals with a library rather than discarding them, and we wish to be helpful in that regard. Finally, though, it may fall to us to discard or give away gift materials which are not appropriate for our needs. PLEASE NOTE that we can only acknowledge for tax purposes that portion of your gift which we actually add to our collections. The Internal Revenue Service requires libraries to maintain itemized lists of gift materials which are kept for fewer than two years, and copies of those lists must be sent to the IRS and to the donors when materials are discarded. As we are not in a position to maintain such detailed files, it is important that our potential donors understand, BEFORE any gift is made, that we may only be able to acknowledge a portion of that gift, and that only the acknowledged portion should be reported to the IRS as a tax-deductible charitable gift.

Gifts which do not support our curriculum, which duplicate currently held materials, or which are inappropriate for our collections will be sold, placed with other institutions, or discarded, at the discretion of the Library. The Library normally uses gifts of cash or endowment funds to purchase books or to meet other immediate needs. Donors, should they choose, may specify the manner in which their monetary gifts will be used.

The Hood College Development Office provides an acknowledgment of each gift received, unless the donor specifies otherwise. Gifts of books or cash may be made in memory, or in honor, of relatives, friends, or other individuals. The Development Office sends notification, as directed by the donor, to announce those gifts. If the donor of a gift book requests it, a bookplate appropriate to the occasion of the gift can be added to the inside front cover of the book.

The Library cannot provide appraisals of any kind to donors. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service prohibits such practice. Gift appraisals must be made prior to receipt of the gift by the Library.

  • To make a gift of library materials, please contact the Collection Development Services Department of the Beneficial-Hodson Library at 301-696-3934.
  • Monetary donations may be made directly to the Hood College Office of Development, 401 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD 21701. Specify that the gift is for the Library Book Fund.