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BIOL 316 Genetics

Prerequisites: BIOL 201 and 203 and CHEM 209 (or concurrent enrollment), or permission of the instructor. (Second semester/4 credits/3 class and 3 laboratory hours) 

An in-depth investigation into the mechanisms of heredity. Students will build a strong framework of knowledge in transmission genetics, including topics such as advanced Mendelian analysis, linkage and recombination and gene and chromosome mutations. From this framework, the course will explore the foundations of molecular genetics. Topics include the biochemistry of the gene, the genetics of biochemical pathways, DNA function, control of gene expression and recombinant DNA technology and its applications. Next, the course will take a modern population genetics perspective and examine the importance of genetic variation to natural populations and the evolutionary forces that shape that variation. The course will conclude by considering the scientific context and societal implications of modern genetics through topics such as genetic screening.