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EDUC 411 Educational Methods in Student’s Teaching Field

Prerequisites: 18 credits in the major subject, EDUC 204, 308, 409 and 413. (Second semester/3 credits) 

This course is designed to provide prospective teachers with a knowledge base of the theories and best practices which are relevant to effective pedagogy as well as current education goals and standards for the content areas: art, English, foreign language, history, mathematics or science. The focus of the course will be on theories and principles of effective instruction— methods, strategies and techniques for teaching students in grades 7-12 (preK-12 for art) in today’s diverse schools. Topics to be explored include lesson planning, motivation, teaching strategies, multiculturalism, critical thinking, the use of technological resources, questioning and problem solving strategies and skills, as well as differentiation of instruction for students with special needs. (Open only to students enrolled in Phase II of the secondary teacher certification program.)