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HON 322 Law and Cyberspace (CORE—Society, Science and Technology)

Prerequisite: Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors in the Honors Program, or with permission of the instructor. (3 credits) 

This course provides an exploration of the legal and technology issues that arise with the emergence and explosion of digital technologies throughout society. The ability to access, store, manipulate and transmit vast amounts of information has introduced new types of criminal activity and raised a host of new legal concerns. These concerns are addressed from two distinct, but converging, viewpoints. The first viewpoint examines the relevancy, enforcement and jurisdiction of existing laws in cyberspace. The second viewpoint examines the impact of cyberspace and the use of new technologies in investigating, prosecuting and enforcing the law. Using case studies, a variety of topics are covered, ranging from online vices, internet bullying and identity theft to cyberterrorism, hacking and digital forensics.