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ARTS 576 Thesis Preparation

Prerequisites: ARTS 570 and 48 required MFA course credits. (3 credits/lab fee) 

The master’s thesis should exhibit qualities that are associated with original research: scholarship, logical consistency, creativity, and comprehensiveness. Candidates will develop an understanding of the meaning of original research. Thesis preparation will facilitate organization of time, approach and topic of the Masters of Fine Art Thesis at Hood College. The procedures in planning, writing the abstract and conceptual format of the thesis, selection of the active thesis committee, and presentation of the thesis are included. The proposal must contain a clear definition of the problem, a justification of the research, a review of previous research, proposed methods of investigation, a tentative research bibliography and images of work, either slides or digital format. The Hood College MFA Guidelines contain detailed information for the preparation of the thesis proposal. The student is required to meet all requirements stated in the Hood College MFA Guidelines.