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ENPL 267 Vice and Virtue (CORE—Aesthetic Appreciation/Literature

Prerequiste: ENGL 100 or 101 or 3 credits from ENGL 110-139. (Either semester/3 credits) 

Through analysis and discussion of selected works of great literature, students will examine themes of vice and virtue in four broad areas: (1) selfhood, community, and alienation; (2) human nature; (3) the quest for meaning and human fulfillment; and (4) ethics and evil. This course will consider such topics as the following: the relation between the individual and the community, the nature of evil, ends and means, personal agency, the good life, and moral conflict. May include works by William Golding, Leo Tolstoy, Dorothy L. Sayers, John Updike, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Albert Camus.