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Humanities, M.A.

Program Director: Amy Gottfried, Ph.D.;  (301) 696-3744

The Master of Arts in Humanities is a 30-credit interdisciplinary program. For admission information, see Graduate Admission and Program Specific Application Requirements.

Requirements for the Program

  • Two 4-credit seminars: HUM 501 (offered in the fall) and HUM 502 (offered in the spring). Substitutions for these courses are not permitted and transfer credit will not be accepted as exemptions for any foundation or capstone course.
  • Six 3-credit elective courses, at least four of which constitute the concentration (see below)
  • One 4-credit Capstone course (HUM 595)
  • Description of Requirements

    The Concentration

  • Every student will have a concentration, either chosen from a list of suggested concentrations in the Humanities Handbook (on Graduate School website) or designed by the student.
  • The Capstone

  • After completing HUM 501. HUM 502 and the concentration, for a total of at least 23 credits, every student will complete a Capstone Project. HUM 595, Research Project, is a 4-credit experience involving extended independent work, usually in the form of research and writing, typically conducted over two semesters or a semester and an entire summer. The student works with a faculty adviser to develop a topic, write a proposal, and complete a project. Two other faculty members (or other qualified individuals) serve as members of the student’s Project Committee and participate in advising the student and grading the work. For more information, see Capstone Guidelines (on Graduate School website).

  • Master of Arts in Humanities Capstone Guidelines August 2012

    Master of Arts in Humanities Student Handbook August 2012

    Checklist for Requirements