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ARTS 569 Survival Skills for Visual Artists

Prerequisite: Completion of twelve credits in the graduate certificate program or MFA. (First semester/Lab fee/1 credit)

Survival Skills for Visual Artists covers the development of concepts in preparation for the artist’s capstone exhibition and explores the business of art which is so critical to the success of an artist’s career. The course addresses the multitude of practical concerns and multifaceted skills needed to survive in the world of art. Creating artwork and developing a body of work for exhibition are just the beginning. An artist must deal with the practical matters of survival: production plans, taxes, record keeping, contracts, documenting art work, copyrights, web pages, business cards, posters, postcards and other PR concerns, as well as writing about art, resumes, artist statements, biographical statements, press releases, ad copy, and writing about art for publication in journals and newspapers and other venues involved in getting the word out about your art. Developing a body of work for exhibition, the discussion of exhibition concepts and emphasis on design and aesthetics will facilitate the development of the artist’s eye and provide the means to document inspiration process and the work itself. Researching and writing an article for submission to an appropriate journal and the compilation of a gallery book/portfolio will prepare students for the creation of a body of work for exhibition in ARTS 570 Seminar in Personal Studio Research.