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ARTS 574 Advanced Studies in Ceramic Arts

Prerequisite: ARTS 530, ARTS 540 and/or permission of the instructor. (First semester—even years/3 credits/lab fee)

This course will provide the student who already has advanced knowledge with the opportunity to learn how to perform solid research and put their knowledge into practice. The specific ceramic arts research topic will be selected by the instructor in collaboration with the student, in order to provide experience in an area that has not been emphasized in the student’s previous studies and to provide creative balance in their overall education in the ceramic arts. The topic will be chosen from three categories, sculpture and hand-building, wheel work, or technical problems. The research, consisting of both literature search and instructed experimentation, and terminating in a written report, will be completed by the student with the instructor’s direction throughout this course. The student will gain an understanding of critical thinking and the nature of research before progressing to more advanced thesis levels of study or employment. The course may be repeated with a different research topic.