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Certificate in Elementary Science-Technology- Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Education

Program Director: Judy Sherman, Ed.D.;  301-696-3464

The Certificate in Elementary Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Education is intended for currently certified elementary teachers interested in developing a special expertise in the area of STEM education and teaching. The goals of the certificate are the following: (1) to acquaint students with the theoretical underpinnings, foundational elements, and pedagogy of an elementary STEM mindset; (2) to engage students in activities that make real-life connections through hands-on interactions to solve problems in an atmosphere of collaboration and communication; (3) to expose students to transdisciplinary techniques to deliver a STEM-based curriculum; (4) to equip students with specific strategies and activities that promote inquiry and creative thinking across the STEM disciplines.

Requirements for the Elementary STEM Education Certificate (15 credits):

  • EDUC 502 Technology for Literacy, Leadership, and Learning
  • EDUC 540 Modern Science Methods
  • EDUC 545 Modern Mathematics Methods
  • EDUC 553 Foundations of Elementary STEM Education
  • EDUC 597ST STEM Capstone Activity