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Certificate in Gerontology

Program Director: Elizabeth MacDougall, Ph.D.;  (301) 696-3892

The Certificate in Gerontology is intended for graduate students interested in developing a special expertise in aging. This certificate program is also available to students enrolled in the Human Sciences or Thanatology master’s programs. The goals of the certificate are: (1) to acquaint students with the fundamental issues and problems confronting older adults in our society, (2) to immerse students in the vast body of scholarship related to the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging, (3) to expose students to the various career paths available to individuals with expertise in gerontology, and (4) to assist students in developing professional competencies in working with older adults.


  • GERO 554 Social Gerontology
  • GERO 555 Psychological Aspects of Aging
  • GERO 556 Health and Aging
  • GERO 599 Special Topics in Gerontology
Successful completion of the certificate requires a minimum G.P.A. of 3.00