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Archaeology Minor

(15-16 credits)

Coordinator: Jennifer Ross

Students majoring in a number of fields, including history, literature, foreign languages, philosophy, religion or the sciences, may wish to minor in archaeology, as it can complement the major field and introduce new areas of study. The minor is interdisciplinary, requiring coursework in archaeological methods, regional studies, ancient history and literature.

Requirements for the Minor (12 credits):
  • ART 340 Art of Prehistory or ART 349 Art of Egypt and Mesopotamia or ART 350 Classical Art and Archaeology or ART 363 Roman Art and Culture
  • ART 370 Archaeological Fieldwork or ART 399 Internship in Art and Archaeology
  • ART 399C Archaeology Internship and Fieldwork Colloquium
  • INST 312 Archaeology: Cultures, Technologies, Methods and Theories
One of the following (3-4 credits):
  • ANTH 201 Introduction to Anthropology
  • CL 202 Mythology
  • HIST 365 Ancient Near East and Greece
  • HIST 366 Ancient Rome