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Global Studies Minor

(15-18 credits)

Coordinators: Paige Eager, Leonard Latkovski

The Global Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary  program of study  which examines the dynamics of globalization in the world today and their historical foundations.  It examines the multiple interconnections of states, regions, economies and societies.  It studies the historical, political, commercial, cultural, environmental and technological aspects of this phenomenon .  The purpose is to better understand the dynamic forces, both positive and negative, of modern globalization.  The study of a foreign language beyond the college requirement is strongly recommended, but not required for the successful completion of the minor.

This minor requires that students take a minimum of 15 credits from among its courses. One course (GLBS 300 Challenges and Opportunities of Globalization) is required. Students must take one course in each of the four following subject areas: culture, global economy, global environment and global society.

Requirements for the Minor (3 credits):
  • GLBS 300 Challenges and Opportunities of Globalization

One course from each of the following four subject areas (12-15 credits):

  • ANTH 201 Introduction to Anthropology
  • CL 202 Mythology
  • ENHN 463 International Currents in Modern Fiction
  • FLLS 250 Bearing Witness: Testimonial Narratives in the Americas
  • HNLS 302 Third World Development: Latin America
  • ITLS 300 Culture of the Middle East
  • ITLS 301 Culture of India
  • MUSC 302 World Music
  • REL 412 Myth, Symbol and Ritual
Global Economy
  • ECON 317 Economics of Development
  • ECON 318 Comparative Market Economies
  • ECON 319 Transitional Economies
  • ECON 320 Women in the World Economy
  • ECON 324 International Trade
  • ECON 460 International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics
  • MGMT 314 International Business
Global Environment
  • BIOL 201 Evolution and Ecology
  • ECON 310 Environmental Economics
  • ECPS 414 Environmental Policy
  • ENSP 101 Environmental Problems
  • GEOG 101 Cultural Geography
  • HON 311 The Green Gene Revolution
Global Society
  • HSPS 345 Global Perspectives on Women, Power and Politics
  • HIST 336 The World Since 1945
  • HON 301 Images of Women
  • PSCI 200 Political Violence and Terrorism
  • PSCI 215 International Relations
  • PSCI 323 Politics of the Developing World
  • REL 342 From Abolitionism to Human Rights
  • SOC 318 Global Social Problems