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Theatre and Drama Minor

(16 credits)

Coordinator: Joe Brady

Drama and its active practice, theater, is an art form dedicated to expression and communication; exposure to and training in it can also serve students in a range of non-performative areas of study, such as education, business administration and social work.

Students choosing a minor in theater and drama take a minimum of 16 credits from the courses listed below, four credits of which should be THEA courses. Additionally, student work in performance projects sponsored by the minor may count for one, two or three credits.

  • ENTH 229 History of Drama and Theatre I
  • ENTH 230 History of Drama and Theatre II
  • ENGL 273 Renaissance Drama
  • CLEN 281 Greek and Roman Drama
  • ENGL 301 Medieval Drama
  • ENTH 303 Elements of Playwriting
  • ENGL 313 Shakespeare
  • ENGL 330 Modern Women Playwrights
  • ENGL 414 Shakespeare on Film
  • ENGL 461 The Family in American Modern Drama
  • FREN 321 Masque et Illusion dans la France d’Ancien RĂ©gime
  • GER 319 German Drama
  • SPAN 343 Spanish Theater
  • THEA 101 Elements of Acting
  • THEA 102 Improvisation
  • THEA 202 The Theatre and Films of Buster Keaton
  • THEA 210 Acting II
  • THEA 254 Directing
  • THEA 255 Auditioning
  • THEA 370 Theater Practicum