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ARRL 330 Archaeology of Ancient Israel

Prerequisite: ART 220 or HIST 262 or permission of the instructor. (First semester—even years/4 credits)

This course examines the development of cultures in and around the modern country of Israel, from the Neolithic Age through the end of the Iron Age (c. 12,000-586 B.C.). In it, we will focus on the archaeology of Israel/Palestine and its neighbors, and on how scholars reconstruct their social, economic, religious, and political institutions. We will use evidence from archaeological sites and surveys, as well as written documents from Israel (including the Old Testament) and surrounding areas. It is important to keep an open mind and use analytical skills in order to assess these often conflicting sources of data. Though this course will not go into later, New Testament times, it will offer students a context into which they can fit their readings of both the Old and New Testaments.