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ARTS 469 The Business of Art


Prerequisites: Enrollment restricted to declared studio arts majors with junior standing or permission of the instructor. (First semester/Lab fee/1 credit) 

The Business of Art will cover the development of concepts in preparation for the artist’s capstone exhibition and explore the business of art which is so critical to the success of an artist’s career. Topics to be covered include writing a resume, artist statement, biographical statement, project plan, budget, PR materials, and exhibition poster, exhibition postcard, press release and photos to be included in a press packet. Each artist will establish a business name and visual identity and learn about taxes and the legal aspects of a career as an artist. Developing a body of work for exhibition, discussion of exhibition concepts, design and aesthetics will emphasize composition and development of artists’ eye and means of documenting inspiration and process. The work will culminate in the preparations of a gallery book/portfolio in preparation for the creation of a body of work for exhibition in ARTS 470 Senior Seminar in Studio Art.