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First year

BIOL 110-129 course*
CHEM 101#
MATH course (level determined by the placement test)
ENGL course (level determined by the placement test)

BIOL 203
CHEM 102
MATH 120 or MATH 202 (if MATH 201 was taken 1st semester)
ENGL course (if not taken in fall semester)

Sophomore year

CHEM 209
MATH 201 or CHEM 215**
PHYS 101 or PHYS 203

CHEM 210
MATH 202 or BIOL 203
PHYS 102 or PHYS 204
CHEM 270


Students considering majoring in Biochemistry are required to enroll in CHEM 101 in the freshman fall semester. They should consult the CHEM 101 Coordinator if an exemption to the math prerequisite is required.

# CHEM 101 is offered in the fall only.

Freshmen are invited to enroll in a particular section of CHEM 101, based on their previous experience and potential interest. If a scheduling problem should arise due to this sectioning, please call the CHEM 101 Coordinator for advice.

Biochemistry majors need to complete Calculus (MATH 201 and 202), Physics (101 and 102 or 203 and 204) and CHEM 215 before they enroll in Physical Chemistry. Enrollment in an appropriate math course during the fall semester freshman year is therefore strongly encouraged. Enrollment in Physics in the sophomore year is strongly encouraged.

* This course should be taken 2nd semester freshman year if it wasn’t taken 1st semester. ** If Calculus is completed Freshman year.

Students interested in Pre-Dental, Pre-Medicine, or Pre-Veterinary programs should also refer to the entry for the Health Professions Program.

Biochemistry majors who wish to study abroad in the sophomore or junior year should take this into consideration when planning their schedules.

Very highly qualified students, who have completed an AP course in chemistry in high school and scored a 4 or 5 on the AP-Chemistry Exam or who have completed an IB curriculum with a score of 5 or better on the IB exam in chemistry may consider enrolling in CHEM 209 or CHEM 215 during their first semester.

Any questions concerning registration for biochemistry majors should be directed to Dana Lawrence, Hodson 247, 301-696-3675 or Chris Stromberg, Chemistry Department Chair, Hodson 246, 301-696-3678.