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First year

BIOL 110-129 (select one)
CHEM 101

BIOL 201 and/or BIOL 203*
CHEM 102

Sophomore year

BIOL 202
CHEM 209

BIOL 203
CHEM 210 (optional, but recommended)


*BIOL 203 must have CHEM 102 as a prerequisite or concurrent enrollment.

Students who bring in AP Biology credit should take BIOL 202 in their first semester concurrently with CHEM 101.


Physics is recommended in the sophomore year for students who plan to go to medical school. Reminder: PHYS 101 has a Level III math placement or MATH 120 as a prerequisite.

PHYS 203 has MATH 201 as a prerequisite or as a concurrent enrollment.

Students interested in Pre-Dental, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Veterinary programs should see entry on Health Professions Programs.

Biology majors who wish to study abroad in the sophomore or junior year should take this into consideration when planning their schedules.

Students planning to enroll in the Secondary Education Program should contact Dr. Cuddapah, Program Coordinator, for an advising appointment: 301-696-3773;

For questions or additional information, contact Kathy Falkenstein, Hodson 150, at 301-696-3663.