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Communication Arts

First year

CMA 200
ARTS 101 or ARTS 102 (if undertaking the photography track)

CMA 200 (if not completed in the fall)
CMA 207 (if the English composition requirement has been completed)


ENGL 101 or its equivalent should be completed in the first year.

Students interested in web design should complete the Core math requirement in the fall semester and enroll in IT 180 in the spring semester.

Sophomore year

CMA 201 and 207 (if the English composition requirement has been completed)
CMA 200 (if not completed as a freshman)
CMA 226 
CMA 246
An additional course that satisfies the history and theory areas of the CMA major

CMA 208
CMA 226 (if not completed in the fall)
CMA 246 (if not taken in the fall for the digital media concentration)

CMA 200 can be taken in either semester. Students interested in broadcast or journalism may take CMA 204, or CMA 209 in the first semester, and CMA 280 in the second semester.

Students interested in the video track of the digital media concentration should take CMA 246 in their Sophomore Year or earlier.

Communication Arts majors who wish to study abroad in the junior year should keep this plan in mind when scheduling courses each semester. If they wish to study in a country where a foreign language is spoken, they must be sure to enroll in the appropriate language courses at Hood in the freshman and sophomore year.

Students who have questions may contact Prof. Donna Bertazzoni, Rosenstock 202, at 301-696-3743 or