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French German

First year


A French course (level to be determined by placement test*)
A German course (level to be determined by placement test*)


Continue sequence

Sophomore year


Continue sequence in French
Continue sequence in German


Continue sequence in French
Continue sequence in German


To qualify for an approved study abroad program, students must have completed either FREN 101-102, 201-202, and FREN 203 or 230, or GER 101-102, 201-202, and GER 203 or 204 or have approval by program director.

Hood students must have junior status, defined as having earned a minimum of 56 credits, to be eligible.

Qualified Hood sophomores may be eligible if they have acquired at least 56 credits through coursework and additional AP credit, credit-through-examination, summer courses, etc.

1. All incoming freshmen, except for international students who speak English as a second language, must take the placement test in the summer: The placement test is not optional.

2. All students must complete the elementary level (101 and 102) or exempt by exam. Honors students are required to complete the intermediate level (201 and 202) or exempt by exam.

3. Students will earn retroactive credits for previous knowledge only if: they take the placement test right before their freshman year; take the course where they are placed in their first semester at Hood, with the possibility of moving to another level if the instructor recommends it; and pass the course with a grade of C or higher. Unless they enroll in the course right away, they will not receive retroactive credits.

4. Students must complete the foreign language requirement no later than their sophomore year; if it has not been completed at the time of graduation, it will not be waived.

Contact: Dr. Pincikowski, Tatem 220, at 301-696-3475 or