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Social Work

First year

SOC 101

Two of the foundations courses listed below:

Sophomore year

SOWK 201 (Fall Only)*
PSYO 221
SOC 260
SOC 261**

Two of the foundations courses listed below:


*SOWK 201 should be taken first semester, freshman or sophomore year. (See notes below.)

**Students interested in Social Work can use SOC 261 to satisfy the Quantitative Literacy Core requirement.

Students should have completed at least 9 credits of the foundation courses by the end of the sophomore year: BIOL 138, ECON 205, SOC 101, and SOC 215.

While these courses are not required for the major, the social work program recommends that students take HIST 218 or AFHS 257 to fulfill the Historical Analysis Core requirement.

Any student who wishes to take SOWK 201 in the freshman year should have some volunteer experience and high school sociology and/or psychology.

Students considering the major should be advised that the social work program is structured so that courses must be taken in sequence beginning with SOWK 201, which is offered only in the fall semester.

Students who major in social work must also apply for and be accepted into the program to go into the field practicum senior year. Each spring, assessment of student qualifications is conducted by the social work faculty. Each student must have completed SOWK 201 with a grade of C+ or better and have an overall minimum GPA of at least 2.5. Students are evaluated on the basis of their emotional maturity and stability, as evidenced by a personal statement, an in-person interview, and an evaluation by a supervisor for the volunteer experience (required for SOWK 201). Students who do not wish to major in social work or who are not accepted into the program may choose the minor, Pre-professional Practice in Social Work.

Contact: Joy Ernst, at 301-696-3754 or
Lynda Sowbel, 301-696-3878 or