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First year

SOC 101

SOC 101*
A 200-level course (if SOC 101 was taken 1st semester)

Sophomore year

A 200-level course
SOC 259
SOC 260**

A 200- or 300-level course
SOC 261***


*This course should be taken 2nd semester freshman year if it wasn’t taken 1st semester.

SOC 101 can be taken in the first or even the second semester of the sophomore year and the student could still complete the major.

**The Sociology Department recommends enrollment in SOC 259 and 260 in sophomore year. However, if not possible, students can still complete the Sociology major in four years.

***SOC 261 (prerequisite SOC 260) may be used to satisfy the Math Core requirement.

If you have questions regarding the major, contact Dr. Kerry Strand at 301.696.3748.


Sociology majors who wish to study abroad in the junior year should keep this plan in mind when scheduling courses each semester. If they wish to study in a country where a foreign language is spoken, they must be sure to enroll in the appropriate language courses at Hood in the freshman and sophomore years.

Contact: Dr. Kerry Strand, AD 320, at 301-696-3748.