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First year

Spanish course (level to be determined by department)

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Sophomore year

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Meet with Dr. Heath in the spring of the freshman year concerning study in a Spanish-speaking country. Students who are strong in languages are encouraged to study abroad, whether or not they plan to be language majors.

Freshmen often place into the intermediate level of Spanish. Those who complete 103 and 104 as freshmen should proceed to take 203, 204, 207, 208, and 230 as sophomores.


1. Study Abroad opportunities are available to Hood students in the Dominican Republic; Seville, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Santiago, Chile.

2. All incoming freshmen, except for international students who speak English as a second language, must take the placement test in the summer: The placement test is not optional.

3. All students must complete the elementary level (101 and 102) or exempt by exam. Honors students are required to complete the intermediate level (103 and 104) or exempt by exam.

4. Students will earn retroactive credits for previous knowledge only if: they take the placement test right before their freshman year; take the course where they are placed in their first semester at Hood, with the possibility of moving to another level if the instructor recommends it; and pass the course with a grade of C or higher. Unless they enroll in the course right away, they will not receive retroactive credits.

5. Students must sign up for required language courses in their freshman year, since foreign languages are part of the core foundation. In order to ensure the proper structure, new students should see any member of the Foreign Language Department (Tatem, 2nd floor) on advising day in August to review course choices.

6. Students must complete the foreign language requirement no later than their sophomore year; if it has not been completed at the time of graduation, it will not be waived.

Students planning to enroll in the Secondary Education Program should contact Dr. Thomas Bogar, Program Coordinator, for an advising appointment: 301-696-3773;

Contact: Dr. Heath, Tatem 209, at 301-696-3474.