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For Hood Students

The Coastal Studies Semester will be offered every Fall. The program is designed for sophomore, junior and senior students of any major and offers an interdisciplinary approach to studying environmental science and policy. The courses emphasize coastal and watershed related issues and provide considerable off-campus travel throughout the semester. Next fall the program will be offering five, block-scheduled courses: Coastal Oceanography (ESHN 210), Coastal Community Ecology (ENSP 212), The Chesapeake Bay (INST 311), the Coastal Studies Practicum (ENSP 370), and an appropriate Coastal Studies elective (taught as ENSP 201).  You should register for these five courses only.

You will have to fill out a registration card with the above mentioned courses and have it signed by your advisor. Then see Drew Ferrier, Ph.D., Coastal Studies Program Director (Hodson 308E) for his signature before hand-carrying it to the registrar's office to register in person.  You can not register for the program electronically.  


Tuition and fees for the Coastal Studies Semester are the same as those for a semester on Hood's campus plus an additional $1,200 program fee. These costs cover undergraduate tuition, travel, food, lodging and expenses related to the academic program (e.g., group admissions, equipment rental, etc.). Students are responsible for travel to and from Hood College, personal gear (e.g., backpack, bed linens, etc.), personal expenses (e.g., toiletries, laundry, some meals on "off" days, etc.) and required textbooks and/or class supplies.

We anticipate being off campus for a approximately 30 days during the fall semester..

If you have additional questions or need further information contact the Coastal Studies Semester Coordinator:

Claire Hudson
Coastal Studies Semester Coordinator
Hodson Science and Technology Center
Room 308F
(301) 696-3318