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Anne Derbes

Anne Derbes

Professor Emerita of Art History



My fields are medieval and early Renaissance art. I'm especially interested in narrative painting in late medieval Italy and have published a book on passion narratives and Franciscan ideologies in Italian art. Gender issues also interest me very much, and two of my projects—a study of images of Amazons in crusader manuscripts, and an article on the depiction of Eve at St. Michael's, Hildesheim—address aspects of gender in one way or another. Currently, I'm working on Giotto's Arena Chapel—a project that originated in a course on Dante and Giotto. All of my recent and current work is collaborative. The article on Eve was co-authored by Adam Cohen (University of Toronto); the work on Giotto and the Amazon essay by Mark Sandona (Department of English, Hood College); and the essay on Italy and Byzantium by Amy Neff (University of Tennessee).

Courses taught

  • ART 220 History of Art I (Introduction to Art: Ancient and Medieval)
  • ART 351 Medieval Art
  • ART 352 Northern Renaissance Art
  • ART 308 Myths, Saints, and Symbols
  • HON 308 Dante and Giotto (taught with Mark Sandona)

Selected honors

  • Sears Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching and Campus Leadership, 1991
  • Laughlin Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1996
  • Adviser of the Year, 2002
  • Mortar Board Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003

Selected publications

  • The Usurer's Heart: Giotto and Enrico Scrovegni in Padua (with Mark Sandona), Penn State University Press, forthcoming.
  • "Italy, the Mendicant Orders, and the Byzantine Sphere", (with Amy Neff), in Byzantium: Faith and Power, ed. Helen C. Evans. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2004.
  • "Amazons and Crusaders: The Histoire Universelle in Flanders and the Holy Land" (with Mark Sandona), in France and the Holy Land: Frankish Culture at the End of the Crusades, ed. Daniel Weiss. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004.
  • Cambridge Companion to Giotto, Cambridge University Press, 2004 (co-edited with Mark Sandona).
  • Are charitate plena: Variations on the theme of charity in the Arena Chapel, Speculum 76 (July 2001) 599-637 (with Mark Sandona).
  • Bernward and Eve at Hildesheim,Gesta(July 2001) (with Adam Cohen).
  • "Barren Metal and the Fruitful Womb: Giotto's Frescoes in the Arena Chapel, Padua",Art Bulletin 80 (June 1998) 274-91, (with Mark Sandona).
  • Picturing the Passion in Late Medieval Italy (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996; paperback ed. 1998).
  • "Crusading Ideology and the Frescoes of Sta. Maria in Cosmedin, Rome", Art Bulletin 77 (Sept. 1995), 460-78.
  • "A Crusading Fresco Cycle in the Cathedral of Le Puy",Art Bulletin 72 (Dec. 1991), 561-76.