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International Undergraduate Student Resources

 Entering college can be overwhelming, and sometimes scary. As an international undergraduate student, coming from outside the United States can make the process even more daunting. Luckily, students can feel at ease knowing that Hood has a variety of resources to help them adjust to life at college and in the United States. 

Hood offers: 

  • Airport pick-up: Worried by the idea of navigating an airport and finding the way to Hood alone? International students are picked up from Dulles International airport by a member of the Hood College staff to ensure a safe and comfortable entry into the U.S. and Hood College.   
  • Religious services and groups for all faiths: Hood offers weekly Christian services as well as monthly Interfaith services, available to all students. Hood also offers religious services on major holidays of different faiths, such as Muslim Ramadan Iftar, Jewish Sukkot and Yom HaShoah, and Christian Ash Wednesday.   
  • Language houses: Language houses are specific residence halls with approximately 12 students to a house. Students agree to speak only the foreign language designated and learn about the culture of the country or countries speaking that language. Students can attend optional language classes, and there is a live-in native speaker in every house. Hood offers French, German, and Spanish language houses, and there is no additional cost for living in one.   
  • The international student handbook is available for students to learn more about Hood College, staying in-status and living in the United States. It can be downloaded here.
  • Multicultural clubs: Hood offers more than 60 clubs and organizations, including many that are intercultural or specific to one faith or culture, including International Club, Hood African Students Association, Jewish Student Union, La Union Latina, Muslim Student Association, Model United Nations, and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. With so many choices, students are sure to find a few that fit their interests. The International Club in particular offers international students a support group. Through regular meetings and spontaneous gatherings, new students learn about Hood traditions and campus life. They also work to make the community aware of world cultures by sponsoring day trips to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD, organizing international movie festivals, participating in the International Cultural Show and coordinating an international dinner. 
  • Our PDSO, Mr. Elyas Abubakr, is available as the international student liaison for those enrolled at Hood College.