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There is a lot to college life

Hood students make the most of life outside the classroom. There are literally hundreds of ways to get involved—playing a sport or cheering for your favorite team, joining one of the dozens of student clubs, attending on-campus events, volunteering in the local community, embarking on daytrips around Maryland or going out on far-flung excursions, to name just a few. Plus, the things you'll find to occupy your time when you're not in class help you discover who you are and what you care about in new, enlightening ways.

Olivia G. White


Alumnae Hall, Room 203

Dean of Students


Campus Services »

Along with our outstanding faculty, a number of administrative departments and staff strategically support the academic mission of the College, its core values and traditions. These dedicated Hood community members are an integral part in maintaining the support structure found in a small college that helps to strengthen the academic experience for our students.

Health Center »

The Health Center supports the mission of the College to enhance the academic growth and health of all students. Its staff members provide quality medical and preventative health care, educate students about healthy choices and empower them to make informed decisions in an environment that respects privacy, dignity and diversity.

Counseling Center »

Hood is a challenging, welcoming and diverse environment that offers innumerable opportunities for personal and academic growth. The Counseling Center's mission is to serve as an essential resource to help all students maximize benefit from academic experiences and out-of-class learning opportunities.

International Student Services »

Hood College is enriched and energized by the intellectual, professional and personal goals of individual students of diverse races, ethnicities and ages. Hood College values diversity and is committed to fostering and supporting a culture that celebrates multiculturalism.

Student Organizations »

Students find their niche (or niches) in any of Hood's 60+ social, academic, creative, cultural and musical clubs and organizations.