|  Campus Safety Staff
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Campus Safety Staff

Thurmond Maynard

Thurmond Maynard

Director and Chief of Campus Safety

Tel: 301-696-3546
Office: Whitaker Campus Center, Room 219

Willie Ollie

Assistant Director and Captain of Campus Safety

Tel: 301-696-3543
Office: Whitaker Campus Center, Room 218

Doreen Jarvis

Doreen Jarvis

Supervisor, Communications Center and Transportation Services

Tel: 301-696-3968
Office: Whitaker Campus Center, Room 218

Duty Officers

Fire Safety Officers

  • Officer Robert Wisner
  • Robbie Whitmore

Day Shift

  • Officer Benjamin Rice

Evening Shift

  • Cpl. Greg Selby, Evening Shift Supervisor
  • Officer Rondorian Cartnail
  • Officer Caleb Timmons

Midnight Shift

  • Sgt. Cliff Slick, Midnight Shift Supervisor
  • Officer Matt Moser
  • Officer Ryan Lenhart

On Call Officers

  • Officer Dave Beers
  • Officer Amando Gomes
  • Officer Joe Gonzales
  • Officer Matthew Buckner
  • Officer Frank Ballerini
  • Officer John Bauer
  • Officer Steven Mackay
  • Officer Bob Purdum
  • Officer Eric Peterson

Console Attendants

Day Shifts

  • Jody Gonzales

Evening Shift

  • Mary Hoag

Midnight Shift

  • Tyonja Sweeney-Bathgate

On Call/Weekend Console Attendants

  • Ronnie Taylor
  • Lisa Fouche
  • Samantha Slick

Information Desk Concierge

  • Teresa Case