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Active Shooter

Active Shooter, Armed Person, Suspicious Persons 

Note: Active shooter will activate the Emergency Management Plan 

A suspicious person is any individual who demonstrates unusual behavior patterns or acts in a manner that leads a reasonable person to believe that they may be a threat to the Hood College community. An armed person is an individual who displays any type of potentially dangerous weapon in a threatening manner especially a firearm. Whenever you observe and armed person, call 911 as soon as possible. Whenever you observe a suspicious person contact Campus Safety as soon as possible at ext. 3111. 

Active shooter: For our purposes, an active shooter is defined as an individual who displays a firearm and actually starts shooting the weapon on campus. These types of incidents are unpredictable, and you may need to alter the following suggestions, depending on the situation. 

  • If a shooter is in a building, exit the building immediately, if it is safe to do so.  
  • Notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building immediately.  
  • Seek shelter in a safe location and await instructions from Campus Safety officers or the police.  
  • Call 911, then the Office of Campus Safety 301-696-3548, and provide the following information:  
    • Your name  
    • Location of incident  
    • Number of shooters  
    • Identification and description of shooter  
    • Number of persons with you  
    • Your location  

If exiting the building is not possible, or if a lockdown is announced, the following actions are recommended: 

  • Go to the nearest room or office.  
  • If safe, allow others to seek refuge with you.  
  • Close and lock the door. If the door has no lock, barricade it with items available, such as desks, chairs, bookshelves, etc.  
  • Cover the door windows, pull the shades down and turn off the lights.  
  • Stay quiet and silence cell phones.  
  • Call 911 then the Office of Campus Safety ext. 3111 or 301-696-3548 from a campus phone or a cell phone that has been silenced.  
  • Wait for police officers or campus safety officers to assist you out of the building.  

If the shooting is outside: 

  1. Move inside a building, if possible, and follow the recommendations above.  
  2. If you cannot go inside, try to hide behind something solid.  
  3. Run away from the sounds of shooting, if you can do so without increasing your risk.  
  4. Notify the police by calling 911 (see above).  

Police Response

Police are trained to respond to an active shooting incident by entering the building as soon as possible and proceeding to the area of the shooter(s). Officer will move quickly and directly. Early in an incident, officers may not be able to rescue people, because their main goal is to get to the shooter(s). Involved persons need to remain calm and patient during this time, so as not to interfere with police operations. Cooperate with officers who may ask you for information concerning the incident. 

Normally, a rescue team is formed shortly after the first responding officers enter the building. They will be the officers who will search for injured parties and get everyone safely out of the building. Follow all directions of officers at the scene or responding to the scene.