Religious and Spiritual Life

The office of the Dean of the Chapel facilitates and supports the religious and spiritual lives of all students, encouraging them explore and develop their faith as they develop their minds. Through worship, service, programs and outreach events, Hood students are encouraged to make vital connections on campus and with the wider community.

Support and outreach programs at Hood

The following is a list of programs and services offered by the Dean of the Chapel:

  • Spiritual Counsel and Pastoral care
  • Support of student groups and individuals
  • Community events such as the “Brewing Issues” Community Discussion series, a partnership between Hood College and the downtown churches of Frederick.
  • Alternative Spring Break – Hood students spend their spring break at sites such as the United Church of Christ’s Franklinton Center at Bricks, Whitakers, North Carolina or on the Gulf Coast working with Habitat for Humanity (both the Hood campus chapter and the local Frederick chapter.)
  • Weekly wednesday afternoon Chapel Services
  • Religious and spiritual groups at Hood

Student groups on campus include:

  • Muslim Student Association
  • Hillel Jewish Student Organization
  • Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
  • Young Life
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Hood Secular Humanists

Many students prefer to attend worship services off campus. Congregations representing many traditions welcome student participation and are within an easy walking distance of the campus. A list of these is available to students and families through the Chapel office.

Questions or concerns

If you have questions about religious life/ spiritual enrichment at Hood, please contact Hood's McHenry Dean of the Chapel, Rev. Beth O’Malley at or by calling 301-696-3436.