|  Project, Furniture, and Move Requests
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Project, Furniture, and Move Requests

Projects, furniture purchases and major moves are coordinated by the Facilities Office. The procedure for making these requests follows.

  • Faculty or staff members may initiate a Project Request Form (PRF) and review it with their department head. The department head will evaluate the PRF and, if appropriate, forward it to their respective Vice President.
  • If approved, the Vice President forwards the PRF to the Facilities Office.
  • The Facilities Office prepares an budget for the project or purchase and sends the budget to the requesting VP for funding approval.
  • If the project or purchase is funded from departmental funds, the VP shall provide the appropriate account code and forward the approved PRF to the Facilities Office for implementation.
  • If the project or purchase is not funded by departmental funds, then the requesting Vice President shall request funding on the PRF and forward the PRF to the Facilities Office.
  • The Director of Facilities Planning evaluates the request for compliance with available funding, and may:
    • Approve the PRF
    • Place the PRF on hold until funding becomes available (The Facilities Office maintains a database of requested projects that are on hold for funding)
    • Return the PRF to the Requestor, indicating the reason for non-acceptance.
  • If approved, the Facilities Office will work with the Requestor to finalize the scope of the work, schedule the work, hire subcontractors (if required), if required, procure materials and manage the work to completion.
  • At the completion of the work, the Facilities Office will compile all project-related costs and forward these to Hood’s Accounting Department.
  • The Accounting Department will maintain a cross check of available funding to insure compliance with operational and capital budgets.