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Software in Labs

Discipline specific software will be available in all computer labs based on class enrollment. At this time Hood does not offer Linux based computers for unrestricted student use. Hood does provide an iMac in each dorm computer room for resident use only.  A Mac lab is also available with dual boot iMacs.  Listed below is the software installed on all lab computers:

  Windows   Mac
- Windows 7 - OS x  10.10.x or greater
- Google Chrome - Google Chrome
- Firefox - Firefox
- Microsoft Office Professional - Microsoft Office Professional
- Adobe Reader - iWork '09  (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
- Adobe CC Suite - iLife '09 (iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band)
• Apple, Dorms, Lib Ref Area, RO19, RO219 & WCC - Dual boot Windows 7 (RO304 Only)
- Maple - Adobe Final Cut Pro (RO304 Only)
- Matlab - Adobe CC Suite
- Minitab - Windows 7 (RO304 Only)
- SPSS  
- Zotero