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Project Requests

Some of the services that were previously offered through the marketing and communications department are now handled by duplicating services. Please contact duplicating services at ext. 3953 or via email at, or visit the department's web pages to request business cards and name tags; event signage such as reserved seating cards, name cards and badges; and campus maps.

For campus event directional signs, submit this form.

Download Hood College Logos

Various versions of the Hood College logo are available on the shared drive (\\blazer\shared\ with on-campus availability only) in a folder titled "HOOD LOGOS (03-04) PC." The folder contains several versions of the logo saved in several different formats (jpg, bmp, tif).

The most commonly used logos are the horizontal color version with Frederick, Maryland, underneath (Hood_H_2C_FM.jpg) and the horizontal black-and-white version with Frederick, Maryland, underneath (Hood_H_black_FM.jpg).

The jpg versions of the logo will work best if you plan to use it in Microsoft Word. If you need to use the logo in a desktop publishing program or need it to print at a higher resolution, use the tif version.

To insert the logo into a Microsoft Word document, select "Insert" from the menu bar and then select "Picture" and "From File." Once the "Insert Picture" dialog box appears, select the shared drive and the Hood logos folder. By clicking once on a file name, you can preview the logos in the right side of the dialog box. To select the logo that you would like to use, click once on the file name, then click "Insert" and the photo will appear wherever your cursor was on the page.

To resize while maintaining the appropriate proportion, click on the logo and the logo will then be outlined with small boxes around the edge. Click on a corner of the logo and a double-headed arrow appears. As soon as this arrow appears, adjust the logo by dragging the corner with your mouse. Please refer to the Hood College Graphics Standards Manual for detailed resizing and usage guidelines.