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Private Scholarships

Applying for outside scholarships is another option that students have when seeking options to finance their education. Students should start their scholarship search by looking in their “own backyard.” Check your high school guidance counselor offices, local libraries, local civic club (Rotary, Lions, VFW, etc.), church, employer or bank. However, be mindful of scholarship scams! Never pay a fee to search for scholarships or to apply for scholarships!

Important! If a student receives an outside scholarship, they are responsible for notifying the financial aid office. Please forward copies of any scholarship notifications you receive to the Financial Aid Office, Hood College, 401 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701.

The following list may help you locate outside scholarships to assist with the bottom line of your tuition bill. Hood College does not endorse nor have any role in the awarding or administration of these private scholarship programs.

List of Private Scholarships

Scholarship Search Engines

The following is a small list of various search engines that are available for students to research scholarship opportunities.