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Graduate Course Registration

The fastest way to register for courses is through Self Service, Hood’s student portal. Students will need to provide a username and password.

The Registrar's office can process written course registrations in the following ways:

  • Online registration form
  • In person: Apple Resource Center, 2nd floor
  • Fax to: 301-696-3894
  • Mail to: Hood College, Attn: Registrar's Office
    401 Rosemont Ave.
    Frederick, MD 21701

Registration dates

Course registrations are accepted and processed up until the start of the semester. Once the semester begins, any changes or additions to course registrations must be submitted in writing to the Registrar's office during the drop/add period indicated on the Academic Calendar. Students who wish to register for courses during the drop/add period must provide written permission from the course instructor to the Registrar's office prior to processing the registration. Any courses dropped during the drop/add period are limited to an 80 percent tuition refund, unless the course has not yet met at the time the Registrar receives the drop request.

Upcoming registration dates

For Summer and Fall 2015:

Current students’ registration begins April 13.

New and non-degree students’ registration begins April 20.

Adviser approval

Students enrolled in the Humanities and Biomedical Science programs require adviser approval for course registrations each semester. Registrations submitted through Self Service will receive adviser approval through Self Service. Students may also request approval from advisers via email, and approvals can be forwarded to the Registrar's office at for processing.

Students who wish to enroll in coursework for which the pre-requisites have not been completed must first obtain adviser approval and forward that approval to the Registrar's office at for processing.

Weekend courses

To register for more than one weekend course in a semester, please submit a written registration request to the Registrar's office for processing.

Course withdrawals

After the drop/add period in any given semester, students may submit in writing to the Registrar's office, a request to withdraw from coursework by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar . A student who withdraws after the drop/add period will receive a grade of ‘W’ on his or her transcript, which carries no academic penalty. Students who withdraw from coursework after the drop/add deadline are still responsible for the tuition and fees associated with that course. Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal. See the Course Withdrawal Form.