iPads at Hood

iPad & iPhone
In the fall of 2012, Hood launched an initiative to explore the role of portable tablet computers in advancing the school’s academic mission.  This program has now been expanded campus-wide to all undergraduates and faculty.  The program will give students easy access to and use of e-books and email, the Internet and a range of other applications.  

For the 2015-16 academic year, all new undergraduate students enrolled at Hood College for at least 6.5 credits are eligible to receive an Apple iPad™.   For a more detailed explanation of iPad distribution requirements, please refer to Hood's iPad Distribution Policy.  Students will have complete access to this cutting edge mobile device for classes and personal use at all times. Using “cloud computing” technology, students can access their Hood Office 365 account, create real-time learning environments, stay in touch with faculty, advisors and classmates, research topics at any time, and engage in blended and fully online courses to ensure that key technological skills are developed appropriately for the coming future.

See Hood's iPad Distribution & Loaner Policy for a more detailed description.

First Year Student Instructions