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Nursing Program

Hood College, in association with Frederick Community College and Frederick Memorial Hospital, in fall 2010 will begin offering a bachelor of science in nursing degree completion program designed for residents of Frederick and adjacent counties. The BSN Completion Program at Hood College is designed to assist registered nurses develop additional skills for the increasing complexity of health care in the 21st Century. This is accomplished by a foundation of liberal arts courses and supplemental nursing education focusing on leadership, research and evidenced-based practice, critical thinking, nursing theory, and communication, among other competencies for professional nursing practice.

The curriculum is designed for the working student. Most semesters the required nursing courses include 5-6 credit hours, although 1 semester the student will take 8 credit hours. Students must successfully complete all prerequisite coursework in the liberal arts prior to beginning the nursing sequence. The prerequisite courses may be transferred from another college or taken at Hood College.

The part-time program will also be available to qualified students from other geographical areas. Hood College has received program approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission and is seeking approval from the Maryland Board of Nursing and accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Program development will be completed in the 2009-2010 academic year. Students who have applied and are accepted are eligible to start classes.

Program Objectives

The educational objective of the BSN degree completion program is to provide a high quality educational experience that will increase the professional aptitude of the students, broaden their choices for career advancement and provide a regional degree completion program that will improve the local nursing profession.

Program Courses

Students enrolled in the BSN Completion Program must earn a minimum of 124 credits in order to earn a degree. At least 30 of these credits must reflect course work taken at Hood College. All students must complete nursing credits (30) in the following courses at Hood College:

Three-credit courses include:
  • Physical Assessment and Pathophysiology
  • Nursing Research for RNs
  • Information Technology in Nursing and Health Care
  • Seminar: Nursing Trends and Theory
  • Nursing Leadership for RNs
Five-credit courses include:
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Family Nursing Assessment and Intervention
  • Clinical Seminar/Practicum

Students who need other credits to complete Hood’s requirements will enroll in upper division general education courses. The College will schedule these courses as each cohort begins its program, so that students will have a set schedule throughout their time at Hood.

Regional Need for BSN Completion Program

Residents of Frederick County and adjacent areas presently have no access to a conveniently located BSN degree completion program. Choices include commuting to a distant location to attend classes or enrolling in an online nursing program, an option that does not meet the needs of associate in nursing program graduates.

Frederick Memorial Hospital, the only major comprehensive hospital facility in the area, is interested in increasing the number of FMH nursing staff who have earned a BSN degree. A growing number of retirement communities and nursing facilities in the area are also seeking nursing staff with bachelor’s degrees. In most medical facilities, a BSN degree is also a prerequisite for advancement to positions of increased responsibility.

*Hood College is currently seeking program approval from the Maryland Board of Nursing, the Maryland Higher Education Commission, and accreditation from the National League for Nursing and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for this program. Program development will be completed in the 2009-2010 academic year, and classes for this program are on schedule to begin in fall 2010.