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Placement Tests

Hood offers three separate placements to determine the starting level for first-year students in English composition, mathematics and global language. These placements are not used to determine a student's admission to Hood, but instead are used to determine the level at which they should begin your academic work.

Students are not be able to register for classes until they have taken the placements in each area or  have provided the registrar’s office with qualifying documentation for an exemption, such as AP or IB credit or an official transcript showing equivalent coursework at the college level.

Students must take all placements without assistance; the Hood Honor code applies.

If, based on a documented disability, a student needs accommodations for any of these placements, please contact disability services

English Composition Placement:

Once the College receives a student’s deposit, the student will get a letter and an email with the username and password needed to take the English composition placement online. Students will write an essay in response to one of the two topics offered on the test. The response will be evaluated by English department faculty.

Students who have completed a composition course with a grade of C- or higher at another accredited college or university or who have received a score of 4 or 5 on the AP language or composition test can be exempted from taking an English composition course.

To start the English composition placement, students can click here and log into Blackboard using their username and password.

The Mathematics Placement:

Students are required to take this mathematics placement unless they have an AP calculus score of a 4 or higher or have completed a college-level mathematics course with a grade of C- or higher from an accredited college.

This placement consists of up to three separate tests, with each test unlocking the next level if the score is high enough. If the next level test does not appear after pressing the “grade” button, the placement process is finished.

Test one is 45 minutes long, test two is 40 minutes long and test three is 30 minutes long. Calculators are permitted in all sections of the placement.

Access an algebra review to review problems similar to those found on the first two tests.

To start the math placement, students can click here and log in using their hood email username (for example, abc01) and the password “blazers1".

The Global Language Placement:

Hood College has a global language requirement for all students, and the placement test is strongly encouraged for students who wish to continue to study a language they have previously studied. This placement is not required for students interested in learning a new language or who have previously earned credit through either college-level coursework or the AP examination.

The global language placement test is available online for French, German, Spanish and Russian here using the password “blazers1.” The test is estimated to take up to 90 minutes. However, depending on your level of mastery, actual testing time may be significantly less.

Hebrew placement must be taken on campus, and should be scheduled through Michelle Townsend at or by calling 301-696-3569.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the numbers below:

Admission Office: 301-696-3400 or 800-922-1599
Center for Academic Achievement and Retention: 301-696-3569
Disability Services Testing Accommodations: 301-696-3421