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Judicial Affairs

Judicial affairs encompasses the rights and responsibilities of all Hood College students regarding their behavior in and out of the classroom. With the dean of students and the provost, the Office of Residence Life has the responsibility to adjudicate alleged violations for all students (residents and commuters; undergraduate and graduate students) related to:

  • The Code of Conduct;
  • The Academic Honor Code;
  • Housing policies; and
  • Other College policies, as directed by the senior administration.

Student Conduct System

Through an integration of the liberal arts and the professions, Hood College provides an education that empowers students to use their hearts, minds and hands to meet personal, professional and global challenges and to lead purposeful lives of responsibility, leadership, service and civic engagement.

Academic Honor Code

As a place of honor and respect, all members of the College assume the obligation to maintain the principles of honesty, responsibility, and intellectual integrity in all activities related to their Hood College experience.  Students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity in all coursework and related matters. It is the responsibility of each student to support these values through maturity of thought, expression, and action. Members of the faculty and staff are available to assist students in this process.

Academic life at Hood College is guided by an honor system. The basic aims of the honor system are to encourage and promote a trustful relationship among all members of the College community; to offer students the opportunity to exercise responsibilities and shared governance on campus; and to make students more aware of their personal principles of honor.

Policy documents

Hearing boards