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Summer Bridge Program 2018

The Hood College Summer Bridge Program is a five-week summer academic enrichment program which gives potential students a head start on their Hood College education. We feel it gives students the best opportunity to succeed at the college level by combing an intensive personalized academic experience with structured one-on-one learning support to prepare students with the foundational tools necessary to achieve success in college.

Students selected for this program will:

  • Arrive on campus earlier than most other first-year students, giving them the opportunity to get to know the campus, the community and all that both have to offer;
  • Enroll in three classes that will help them earn five credits toward their degree requirements and fulfill one area of the Core Curriculum. Completing them before the regular semester begins giving both student and adviser more opportunities when creating a schedule;
  • Meet regularly with peer mentors and work closely with professors to enhance learning and study skills;
  • Participate in a series of enrichment activities on campus and in the Frederick area that will introduce them to the wonderful aspects of both, giving students the chance to form a group of friends before the rest of the incoming class arrives—and making each a potential leader among their peers;
  • Receive advanced academic advising assistance that will help them select or confirm their major and plan the courses that are both required as well as those that are of interest to each student.

Students in the Bridge Program will move onto campus Sunday, July 1, with classes beginning the next day and running through Aug. 3. Space in the Bridge Program is limited to 12 students.

For more information call 301-696-3400 or email

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