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Community Connections: News and Notes from the Director of Residence Life.

Celebrate Euler's Birthday and the History of Math

Join the students in the Senior Seminar in the History of Mathematics on

Tuesday, April
16th 2:00 – 3:15 p.m.
Third Floor Atrium
Hodson Science Center

as they celebrate the 306th birthday of the brilliant and prolific Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. There will be games, activities, and refreshments honoring the man whose name is attached to Euler’s Method, Euler Circuits, and more. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the history of mathematics at Hood College itself as the seniors display posters representing their senior projects. How has the mathematics curriculum changed over the last hundred years? How many math majors usually choose a second major, and in what disciplines? Is it true that the math department was once part of the chemistry department? What’s the story behind the names on the plaques around the building, and on the math prizes?

Please come help us celebrate the history of mathematics in these two special ways. All are welcome!

Left: The Math Department’s entry in the annual Peeps Diorama competition. The theme was “Peeps in the Movies,” so we chose to recreate Stand and Deliver, the 1988 film about an inspiring math teacher.

Math Students, Faculty Plan Busy Summer

Provost Katherine Conway-Turner has just announced that several Hood mathematics students and faculty have been awarded prestigious research grants to pursue special projects this summer. McCardell Professional Development Grants are awarded to faculty for independent research in their fields. Summer Research Institute Grants are awarded to groups of students and faculty, to work collaboratively on a research topic. This summer’s mathematics projects:

McCardell Professional Development Grants:
Prof. James Parson will study “Modular Forms and Cohomology.”
Prof. Gwyn Whieldon will examine “Infinite Free Resolutions over Monomial Quotient Rings.”

Summer Research Institute Grants:
Professors Jill Dunhamand Ann Stewart, together with students Tarang Hirani and Skyler Stasiewicz , will investigate “Using Computational Linear Algebra to Analyze Large Networks.”

Students who have completed summer research projects have presented their results at a number of regional and national conferences, including MAA MathFest and the Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Congratulations to these Hood mathematics students and faculty!

If you are interested in learning more about research opportunities, talk to any mathematics faculty member.

Hood Alum Wins Prestigious MAA Prize

The Special Interest Group on the History of Mathematics of the Mathematical Association of America (HOM- SIGMAA) has just announced that Matthew Shives, Hood ’12, is the winner of its 2013 Student Paper Contest in the History of Mathematics, for the capstone paper he submitted in the senior seminar last spring. The purpose of this contest is to increase awareness and interest in the history of mathematics among undergraduates, and to encourage students to choose and learn more about a particular aspect of that history.

Matt’s paper, “Paradigms and Mathematics: A Creative Perspective,” examined Thomas Kuhn’s ideas, set forth in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, in light of the history and development of mathematics. Drawing on a rich store of primary and secondary sources, from Plato and Descartes to 21st-century critiques of Kuhn and his notion of “paradigm shifts,” Shives clearly described different views of the development of mathematics and shared his own ideas on the subject.

Prof. Amy Shell-Gellasch, chair of the HOM-SIGMAA Student Paper Contest Committee, says that the committee was so impressed by Matt’s work that “for the first time, we had one paper that was so much better than the others that we decided to not even give a second place prize.” The paper will be published in Convergence, the MAA’s online journal of the history of mathematics and its teaching. Those who wish to get a glimpse of Matt’s work may consult his senior seminar poster which is displayed on the third floor of Hodson, across from the Math Study Room, HT 318.

Math Tea Sustainability Activity

In honor of Mathematics Awareness Month, we will be doing a special Math Tea focused on measuring electricity usage.

Join us Thursday, April 25th at 3:15 in the Hodson Bonus Room for this special activity, and every Thursday at 3:15 pm for other activities and treats!

Upcoming Dates

  • April 15, 1707
    Leonhard Euler's Birthday
  • April 16 2-3:25 p.m. 3rd floor Hodson Atrium
    Euler's Birthday Party and Senior Poster Session
  • Thursdays 8 p.m. Hodson 236
    Least Squares Math Club Meetings
  • April 19 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. Hodson Auditorium
    Tischer Honors Presentations
  • April 21 2:30 P.m. Hodson 131
    Pi Mu Epsilon Induction Ceremony and talk by Professor Annalisa Crannell
  • April 23 3:30pm Hodson 316
    Seminar by Prof. Amy Shell-Gellasch, “Mathematics of the Quadrivium”
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