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Community Connections: News and Notes from the Director of Residence Life.

Joint Mathematics Meetings: Boston In January!

Every year in January, the three big mathematics societies, the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), American MathematicalSociety (AMS) ,and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) get together and throw a big party – otherwise known as the "joint meetings," the biggest annual mathematics conference in the world. About six thousand mathematicians, including under- graduate and graduate students, faculty, and mathematicians in government and the private sector, come together to give and listen to short and long talks, panels, and work shops, to exhibit posters, to look at the amazing vendors' exhibits, and to talk to each other about mathematics.

This year the Meetings will be held in Boston from January 4th to 7th. There are lots of events planned just for students. Some examples this year are:

  • A lecture for students on "Turning theorems into plays"
  • A session on graduate school: "Choosing one, getting in, staying in"
  • A session on how to interview for jobs
  • A poster session where undergraduates show the research they have done
  • Talks by undergraduate students about their research
  • A special reception for students and a hospital- ity center that is open all day with games and puzzles – and choco- late!

There will even be a poetry reading, and a selection of short plays about mathematics.

Two Hood students have already registered for the meetingsandwillparticipate actively in them: Dubravka Bodiroga has had a poster accepted for the Undergraduate Student Poster Session; she will discuss the work she has completed with Dr. Parson in a summer research program and in her senior honors thesis. Kizza Nandyose has been invited by her summer research program at UCLA to give a talk about the work she did there. We are so proud of these students and their work.

If any other students would like to attend the meetings, talk to a member of the math department soon. We may be able to help with travel funding.

NIST Summer Undergrad Research Fellowship (SURF)

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) is an excellent opportunity for students with a focus in sciences – biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science or engineering . NIST anticipates providing meaningful paid research opportunities for approximately 130 students in the Gaithersburg sitewide program. The NIST facilities are located just outside Washington, DC. Housing is also included. The program is open to all United States citizens or permanent residents. The SURF program is anticipated to run from May 23rd and August 5th. If you are interested in applying, make an appointment with Jill Hermes, Internship Coordinator, hermes@hood.edu. Act now- completed applications will be due by January 27th!

Students Attend Career Events

Several senior math majors recently attended two special career events in the area for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students.

On Wednesday, November 9th, seniors Chrissy Hallberg and Michael Mudarri accompanied Dr.Betty Mayfield,chair of the department of mathematics, and Ms. Nancy Hennessey, director of Hood's Catherine Filene Shouse Career Center, to a program at the Department of Energy in Washington, DC. The event, "What Can I Do with a Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, or Physics and Related Fields?", featured a career panel, networking, and pizza.

In the career panel, four young women who had majored in STEM fields talked about their college work and their jobs – two in government and two in private industry. They gave advice about courses to take, internship opportunities, job-seeking strategies, and work-life balance. DOE offers many internships and a mentoring program as well as employment for STEM majors.

Then on Tuesday, November 15th, seniors Kori Junghans and Kaitlin Hughes, together with Dr. Mayfield and the career center's internship coordinator Jill Hermes, participated in the second annual "Women in Intelligence: Making a Difference" conference. This invitation-only event, which lasted about five hours, included presentations by NSA staff, a leadership panel discussion, networking with employees in many different divisions of the agency, dinner with recruiters and employees, and a keynote address by NSA Chief of Staff Deborah Bonanni – a Hood College graduate!

Any student who would like more information about STEM careers in general, or about these two employers in particular, is encouraged to contact the Career Center. Don't wait until the spring semester of your senior year to start thinking about a job!

COMAP Is Back!

The annual international COMAP mathematical modeling contest will take place February 9th-13th, 2012. During the contest, teams composed of three students work on a mathematical modeling problem at Hood.

Last year two Hood teams participated. One team, whose members were Jessica Garshell, Andrea Haines, andJessica Lipscomb, studied the problem of efficiently placing repeaters for VHF radio transmission. The other team, whose members were Jessica Jeffrey, Kizza Nandyose, and Cal Silvious, studied the problem of designing a snowboard course to maximize "vertical air." Participants report having had a good time and having done good mathematics.

You may find further information about the contest at www.comap.com/ undergraduate/contests/. If you are interested in forming or joining a team, contact Dr. Parson.

Report From MAA Section Meeting at Christopher Newport University

Clap twice if you can hear me...

On Nov. 4-5, the Hood Math Department attended the MD-DC-VA section meeting of the MAA. The section meeting was at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. Several Hood math majors came to the meeting as well. We heard some great talks, met up with old friends, and acouple of Hood faculty members gave talks as well!

The section meetings are a great way to network with other mathematicians and see what problems other people are working on. For example, we heard great talks about quasicrystals, the (7,3,1) design, and graph theory and knot theory. We also heard a lot of great talks about teaching math!

Hood was well represented at the section meeting: Dr. Mayfield gave a talk about teaching math history, Dr. Parson gave a talk about number theory, and Dr. Whieldon gave a talk about Waring's Problem.

Upcoming Dates

  • Nov. 30, 6:30 p.m. in Hodson Auditorium
    Math Ed. lecture by Prof. James Fey, UMD
  • Dec. 5, 9 p.m. in Hodson 236
    Least Squares Math Club meeting
  • Dec. 25
    Birth date of Sir Isaac Newton
  • Jan. 4 - 7 in Boston, Mass.
    Joint Math meetings
  • Jan. 27
    NIST SURF Applications due
  • Feb. 9 - 13
    COMAP Mathematical Modeling Competition
  • Feb. 27, 3:30 p.m. in Hodson 131
    Seminar by Dr. Alissa Crans
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