Community Connections: News and Notes from the Director of Residence Life.
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Community Connections: News and Notes from the Director of Residence Life.

Notes and News from the Director of Residence Life

Welcome back! This spring 23 students joined our residence hall community and I am pleased to welcome each of them to Hood. Living in College housing offers a variety of enriching opportunities, and I hope that returning students will assist new residents with finding ways to take advantage of all we have to offer.

I encourage each new resident to become familiar with the staff members in your new home. The resident assistants and area coordinators are available and willing to help you in a number of ways—from providing answers to simple questions, to navigating through new roommate relationships to finding campus events and programs that are of interest to you. It is also important to meet the student leaders on your house council. These leaders work closely with hall staff to organize events and advocate for student concerns.

In this newsletter you will find information regarding upcoming events and important dates to remember. One event of particular importance is room lottery and selection. While this process does not take place until the end of March, it is important to begin now to think about your plans for fall 2011, especially regarding roommate selection. Remember, as further information is distributed it is important to read it carefully and adhere to all deadlines, many of which occur prior to spring break.

I wish you a productive and exciting semester!

Zachary A. Luhman
Director of Residence Life

Plan Ahead for Room Lottery and Selection

The annual room selection process is scheduled for March 29, 30 and 31. It is important that all students begin planning for this process now. Here are some steps you should begin to take:

  • Find a roommate. During room selection, you and your roommate select a room together. If you do not have a roommate in mind, you will be placed in a pool of students who need to be assigned a room and will not be able to pick a room during the selection process. If you intend to select a triple, quad or apartment, you will need enough roommates to fill the space, so begin confirming your roommates now.
  • Have a plan B. It is important to remember that room selection is a lottery process during which students are assigned a random number that determines the order of selection. Consider what you will do if your intended roommate changes her or his mind about living with you at the last minute. Also consider several buildings in which you would like to live in case your first choice is full when it is your turn to select.
  • If you will be a junior or senior in fall 2011, consider the off-campus, College-leased apartments. Hood offers a number of two-bedroom apartments at the Sunset complex, housing four students each. Students in this type of housing enjoy additional independence and amenities such as a full kitchen and in-unit laundry. You must apply in advance for an apartment and your request must be approved, so planning ahead is key. Single rooms are not available at the apartments and all requests must include four students to fill the apartment to capacity in order to be considered. Additional information will be included in the room selection information that is e-mailed to students in mid-February.
  • Read the information you're given and ask questions. Room selection can be a confusing process if you aren't aware of how it works. It is critical, therefore, that you read all of the information e-mailed to students in mid-February. After you have done so, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (301) 696-3577 if you have additional questions.
  • Be aware of deadlines. While you won't select a room until the end of March, several parts of the selection process have deadlines well before selection itself. You are responsible for meeting all deadlines that apply to your situation.
  • Watch your e-mail. Information on the room selection process and your lottery number will be e-mailed to your Hood account. Be sure to check your Hood e-mail frequently so you have all the information.
  • Renew documentation. Students who have special housing needs, such as a medical need for a single room, must renew documentation verifying this need annually. This year the paperwork for those with special needs requires more complete information—a simple doctor's note is no longer sufficient. It is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor now. The appropriate forms will be available in mid-February.

Spring Break Reminders

Spring break is March 12-20, 2011. All residents are reminded to plan accordingly and make travel arrangements early. The residence halls, language houses, Sunset Apartments and duplexes close at noon Saturday, March 12 and re-open Sunday, March 20 at 9 a.m.

Students in need of housing during this period must apply in the Student Life Suite (Whitaker 221) by Feb. 25. The cost for break housing is $160 for the period (or any portion thereof). Fees are waived only in the circumstances detailed on the break housing application.

Please note that students must adhere to the above closing and re-opening times unless approved for break housing. Students who depart late or return early without approval will be charged additional fees. The minimum fee for unapproved early arrival is $50 and is subject to additional increases if abused. Additional information regarding closing will be distributed in mid-February; be sure to read all materials carefully.

Living-Learning Communities

The Office of Residence Life is excited to announce the application process for fall 2011 Living-Learning Communities. LLCs provide students the opportunity to combine their academic pursuits with an enriching living environment. In much the same way as Hood's language houses, LLCs are designed around an educational topic that a group of students wishes to explore more fully. LLCs may range from major-specific and class-specific to topical areas of interest that transcend any one major or program at Hood.

Forming your own LLC
Students have the opportunity to propose communities that reflect their own interests and goals through a process this February. Each community is required to have a faculty or staff adviser to assist in defining and meeting goals. Each proposed community must also demonstrate a minimum of 10 students who have expressed initial interest in the LLC.

If approved, students in LLCs will be placed in adjacent rooms within a residence hall to permit ongoing educational experiences. Rooms will be assigned to approved LLCs prior to the room selection process and students approved to live in the LLC will be permitted to select a room within the assigned area on March 28.

Residents interested in proposing LLCs for the 2011-2012 academic year should make note of the following:

  • Proposal forms for new LLCs will be available Feb. 14 in the Student Life Suite (Whitaker 221).
  • Information sessions for those students who wish to propose LLCs will be held Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. in Hodson 212 and Feb. 23 at 8 p.m. in Hodson 236. Students will be given information on the proposal process, factors affecting approval of new LLCs, and next steps. Students proposing an LLC should plan to attend one of the two sessions.
  • LLC proposals are due in the Student Life Suite (Whitaker 221) Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. Late proposals will not be accepted.
  • Once approved, each LLC is required to actively solicit applications from students interested in residing in the LLC. A minimum of 10 students is required to form the LLC.
  • Additional information can be obtained from Tiffany Favers at (301) 696-3563 or

Living in an LLC next year
Resident students who are interested in residing in one of the LLCs for the 2011-2012 academic year must apply and receive approval. Approval is based upon the student meeting the requirements for the specific LLC to which she or he is applying. Requirements will vary by LLC but may include GPA requirements, class schedule requirements/prerequisites, etc. Each student who plans to be a part of the proposed community must submit an application, even if listed amongst those who expressed initial interest when the LLC was proposed.

Approved LLCs will publicize their community Feb. 28-March 11. During this same period, application materials for individual students who want to reside in an LLC will be available in Student Life (Whitaker 221). The Office of Residence Life will also e-mail basic information on all available LLCs to students March 7, along with other information about the room selection process in general. Completed applications from individual students are due March 11 at 5 p.m. in the Student Life Suite (Whitaker 221). Students will be informed of the status of their application on March 21.

Wanted: Resident Assistants

Beginning Feb. 8, application materials for 2011-2012 resident assistant positions will be available in Student Life (Whitaker 221). RAs are key members of the residence life staff who provide social and academic support, role-modeling and policy enforcement within the residence halls and off-campus in College-leased apartments. RAs are available to students who have personal or academic concerns, problems with their roommates or just need a helpful listening ear for advice, guidance or referral. RAs also plan programs, disseminate information and work to build a positive community in the residence halls by enforcing behavioral expectations. RAs serve in a duty rotation within their assigned building each evening. While each RA is responsible for a specific floor or area, all RAs work as a team to serve the larger student community.

All students are encouraged to consider applying for the anticipated RA position openings for 2011-2012. Basic requirements for the position include:

  • 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA at the time of application (2.25 or higher preferred)
  • Good judicial (disciplinary) standing
  • Enrollment as a full-time, undergraduate student at Hood College
  • Appreciation of diversity
  • Sincere interest in working with other students
  • Flexibility and a positive attitude
  • Preference may be given to applicants who have lived in Hood College housing for at least one semester by the date of hire (or have comparable, transferrable experience)

Students interested in RA positions at the off-campus, College-leased apartments must also have attained at least sophomore standing by fall 2011; students with junior standing or above will receive preference for placement in the apartments.

Further details about the application process, requirements, responsibilities and compensation for this position are available as part of the application packet and will be discussed during information sessions scheduled for Feb. 10, 15 and 25. To be considered, all applicants are required to attend one of the information sessions; applicants should sign up for one of the information sessions when picking up an application.

RESPECT Campaign

The Office of Residence Life is pleased to announce the launch of the RESPECT campaign, a group-style workshop designed to encourage students, faculty and staff members to become allies for diverse causes and help build a community full of respect for everyone at Hood College. Participants attend a four-hour workshop facilitated by staff, faculty and students and engage in meaningful discussion on the topics of racism, sexual identity, power and privilege, ally development and additional issues that may affect the Hood community.

This interactive, thought-provoking and engaging workshop will help participants look at themselves and at the plight of others while examining the effects of discrimination on society and exploring how diversity training and understanding can be used to overcome these challenges. The workshop expands on the classic "Safe Zone" training offered on many campuses.

Interested students, faculty and staff may e-mail Tiffany Favers at to sign up for the workshop, which will be presented Feb. 11 from 3 to 5 p.m. and Feb. 12 from 2 to 4 p.m. Attendance on both days is required to complete the curriculum. Those who complete the workshop will be provided a RESPECT sign for their room or office door indicating that they strive to treat all members of the community with equal respect and dignity.

Upcoming Programs

Academic Trivia
Monday, Feb. 7, 8:30 p.m.
Smith Reading Room
Think you have what it takes to raise your GPA this semester? Participate in this trivia card game and gain skills in time management and study habits to help you get that 4.0!

Fancy Dinin'
Friday, Feb. 11, 6:30 p.m.
Memorial Formal Lounge
Going to dinner for Valentine's Day? Come refresh your dining etiquette while having a light dinner before your date!

Interview Skills 101
Thursday, Feb. 17, 8 p.m.
Shriner Basement
Whether you're trying to get that perfect internship or about to graduate and looking for your dream job, interviewing well is one way to set yourself apart from other candidates. Join us for useful tips on interview etiquette, dress, strategies to impress potential employers and missteps to avoid during the interview process.

Interactive Sex
Tuesday, Feb. 22, 8:30 p.m.
Meyran Basement
Students will participate in a fun, interactive game while learning facts about sexual health and responsible sexual choices.

Apples to Apples; Apples too!
Thursday, Feb. 24, 8 p.m.
Coblentz Hall 2nd Floor Lounge
You know the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?" Come learn about nutrition while playing the interactive game "Apples to Apples."

Important Dates

  • February 8
    RA applications available in Student Life (Whitaker 221)
  • February 10
    RA selection information session, Library 2007, 9 p.m.
  • February 11
    RESPECT campaign: Part 1, Whitaker Commons, 3 -5 p.m.
  • February 12
    RESPECT campaign: Part 2, Whitaker Commons, 2 -4 p.m.
  • February 14
    Living-Learning Community proposal materials available in Student Life (Whitaker 221)
    Living-Learning Community information session, Hodson 212, 8 p.m.
    Room selection information e-mailed to residents
  • February 15
    RA selection information session, Library 2007, 5 p.m.
  • February 23
    Living-Learning Community information session, Hodson 236, 8 p.m.
    RA applications due, 5 p.m.
  • February 25
    RA selection information session, Hodson 131, 3 p.m.
    Living-Learning Community group proposals due, 5 p.m.
    Spring break housing applications due, 5 p.m.
  • February 28
    Applications available to students who want to reside in a Living-Learning Community
  • March 1
    Hall meetings, all residence halls
  • March 7
    Room lottery numbers e-mailed to current residents
  • March 11
    Applications of students who want to reside in a Living-Learning Community due, 5 p.m.
    Requests for special housing accommodations due, 5 p.m.
    Language and Honors house applications due, 5 p.m.
  • March 12
    College housing closes for spring break, noon
  • March 14-18
    Spring break, no classes
  • March 20
    College housing re-opens, 9 a.m.
  • March 21
    Classes resume, 8 a.m.
    Individuals approved to live in Language and Honors houses and Living-Learning communities notified
  • March 28
    Early room selection for Language and Honors houses, LLCs and those elected to house council
  • March 29
    Room selection for class of 2012
  • March 30
    Room selection for class of 2013
  • March 31
    Room selection for class of 2014

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