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Multicultural and International Clubs and Organizations

Multicultural Student Organization Programs

Guiding Principles

  • Foster and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness while educating students about issues of multi-culturalism
  • Create a climate that builds on our core values to welcome and nurture all members of the Hood community
  • Promote a community of respect and affirm the value of each individual.

Student Multicultural Advisory Committee

The Student Multicultural Advisory Council (SMAC) is made up of emerging student leaders of color on campus with assistance from concerned faculty and staff. The purpose of the organization is to encourage students to join in conversation addressing the needs of the multicultural population at Hood College. The Advisory Council seeks to promote a cooperative and supportive relationship among student leaders of color in an effort to create a greater sense of unity among the overall student population on campus. SMAC will work to keep the rest of the college informed about the concerns of students and current activities.

Multicultural Organizations

Black Student Union (BSU) The Hood College Black Student Union promotes awareness of the history and culture of African Americans; provides political, educational and social activities; promotes unity among students; works to meet the special needs of African American students on campus and acquaints the Hood College community with these needs. Major BSU events include Liberation of the Black Mind Weekend, which showcases vendors and speakers who have an understanding of what affects the black community as a whole.

Hood African Students Association (HASA)

The association focuses on increasing the awareness of the multicultural diversity of the African continent and the African people. The organization is dedicated to the commitment to share the wealth and greatness of Africa with the campus community, and to learn in turn, the cultural diversity of the United States of America. The association encourages interaction between African students and members of the college community of different races and religious inclinations. The organization strives to make the association a learning place through discussion and an exchange of ideas and study that fosters the spirit of unity and communication. The association encourages events that broaden the spheres of cultural education and racial tolerance. Major events include the International Festival and Food from Around the World Sampler.

Hood College International Club

The International Club welcomes everybody who is interested in learning more about different world cultures. The organization promotes global awareness and harmony by showcasing the diverse cultures and beliefs represented on Hood's campus as well as promoting tolerance and acceptance of cultural differences.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

The purpose of the JSU is to foster Jewish community spirit within the Hood campus through cultural, educational, spiritual and social events. The secondary purpose is to strengthen relationships between the College's Jewish student body and the Frederick community at large. Major events include holiday celebrations such as Passover and Purim.

Hispanic Latino Organization

This organization's purpose is to provide a Hispanic voice to the Hood College campus. The organization educates the College and community about the various cultures, ethnicities and styles of Hispanic culture. The organization also is active in the Frederick community, providing educational programs and translation services.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The purpose of the MSA is to give opportunity to Muslims and non-Muslims to learn from one another in a safe environment. The organization also helps Muslim students in the college to live according to the Qura'n and Sunnah. The organization provides students with the appropriate tools to practice Islam and support their identity as Muslims through meetings, lectures, discussions and celebrations of Islamic festivities.

Queer Student Union (QSU)  

QSU is dedicated to educating the college community about the lesbian, gay and bisexual community. The organization provides advocacy, support and outlets for lesbian, gay and bisexual students. This organization is open to all students. The organization's major events include participating in the National Day of Silence and the QSU Prom.