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First-Year Living Learning Community

Students learn in many different ways, and Hood does not expect all of the “eureka!” moments to be confined to the classroom. This is why the College offers other avenues of learning. How much more interesting would it be to study the Civil War by visiting an archaeological dig at Monocacy Battlefield National Park? Or instead of just taking a class on terrorism and justice, supplement it by reading a book about the post-9/11 world with a group of friends? Students have participated in both of these activities in some of the past First-Year Living Learning Communities at Hood College.

Each year first-year students can apply to a themed living learning community, where those with similar interests live, study and participate in field trips and other community-related activities. The community is assigned a floor in a residence hall so that friends, coursework, interests and new experiences become interconnected in the best possible way.

The rewards of choosing to enroll in an LLC are many. Hood encourages students to sign up for an LLC for their first year at Hood College! 

Membership in the LLC is limited, and admission will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis. Eligible students must complete all placement examinations before applying.

Pictured above: Katie Rogers '16 models the back of her Dwelling in the Past LLC T-shirt.

Student comments

Here’s what some of the First-Year LLC students are saying about the program:

"I love my LLC friends, and I like being able to share my interests with my floor mates."

"I learned a lot from the students and the professors who were part of the program."

"I believe that the discussions facilitated in our group encouraged me to do more research, resulting in better performance in my political science courses."

"I was able to begin building relationships with professors and department heads."

"The different activities allowed me to become a lot more aware of things that are happening around us."

"Everyone in the LLC has really come together as a family."

First-year Living Learning Communities

  • Academic questions: Contact Martha Bari at 301-696-3576301-696-3576 or email
  • Living Component questions: Contact the Office of Residence Life at
    301-696-3577 or email: